Swimming For Weight Loss And Body Building

You have a few kilos too much on your hip and want to get rid of it? Have you ever tried water? We’ll show you how to lose weight with swimming with supplements.

Swimming is the healthiest sport there is. Not only can you lose weight by swimming, it’s also good for your health.

With regular swim training you can get your cardiovascular system going, strengthen your immune system and clear your head.

But by that I don’t mean splashing around in warm water. But swim real lengths! One hour of swimming can be really effective.

Here is what you will learn on our blog:

  • how you can lose weight with swimming
  • which swimming style is the best for you
  • whether swimming is suitable for you


The calorie consumption during jogging is praised again and again and everywhere, but the fact is that fat burning is not the highest here. The top fat burners play themselves out in the water. Exercises in aqua fitness are at the top of the podium, and losing weight through swimming is similarly efficient, due to a high calorie consumption: Those who manage half an hour of breaststroke burn about 260 calories, while those who crawl for just as long even burn 450 calories. Backstroke also trains the abdominal muscles.

Sport is also strenuous, however, because water has a higher density than air, which makes exercise more difficult. Burning fat and building muscle go hand in hand if you want to lose weight by swimming. In addition to strengthening all muscle groups, sport also has positive effects on the central nervous system, blood pressure and cognitive abilities. Reason enough to go to the swimming pool regularly.


If the water has a temperature of 26 degrees, body and water are literally on the same wavelength. If, on the other hand, the water is warmer or colder, the body consumes more energy to restore balance. The result: water rats lose weight even before they have swum their first lane. In the swimming pool, the water temperature is usually between 26 and 28 degrees, who swims outside, must often get along with colder water. The advantage: the body burns more fat. This makes swimming to lose weight doubly effective.

In order to lose weight within a short time, it is generally true that you should do a lot of endurance training and muscle training to lose weight. The pulse must be raised again and again, otherwise no fat melts. It is logical that weight loss is encouraged by swimming. But it does not help alone. Parallel to the sport the nutrition must be changed. Sweets, chips and white flour are taboo. Instead, a lot of fruit, wholemeal products and protein are on the menu.

Is swimming suitable for everyone?

Swimming is suitable for everyone. Whether young or old. With a little discipline, anyone can lose weight by swimming.

Especially for overweight people swimming is the best sport to lose weight. Water carries most of our body weight. Overweight people therefore swim a little easier than in other sports and do not strain their joints too much.

So starting the weight loss programme in the cool water is a very good idea.

Regular swimming is not only good for your kilos, it is also good for your body and soul. With a few lengths of swimming, you can clear your head and leave everyday life behind you.