All reviews overview

The comparisons that we carry out on products are carried out with as much expertise and objectivity as possible. However, since we are unable to inspect the products ourselves and personally, we include comparison and test results that we find on the Internet, customer reviews, customer opinions and expert opinions.

This seems to us more objective and better than just having products tested by one or fewer other people. In the long run, it makes more sense to obtain this information from other sources and from a large number of people.

What we did


Who has the choice – has the agony

You look for a product, you find it here, you find it there. Is it now good, or not so. You are usually undecided and still waiting with the purchase, although the need exists. Then you get angry when you need it.

Advertisements with search machines

With the search engines you don’t always find what you are looking for. Often it is much too confusing. Is it now advertising or an offer. How to proceed? Which dealer should you choose, or better search for the price first?

We try to create clarity

We have a team of experienced journalists and copywriters. Just normal people like you. They objectively try to find the best product for you and write their personal opinion about it, based on the knowledge collected on the Internet.