Simple Swimming Program For Weight Loss

Swimming is the perfect full body workout, top for beginners and pros to move around. Swimming has great synergy effects: With a small amount of time you can reduce your weight and build muscles. All muscle groups are mobilised in the water without excessive strain on joints, ligaments and tendons. So if you’re not training very much and also carry a few kilos too much around, you can train gently and build muscle mass slowly.

Swimming Workout: Training Unit 1

The following training unit covers 1400 meters:

200 meters: Swimming in in any position

50 – 100 – 150 – 200 – 150 – 100 – 50 meters: Pyramid swimming in any position, speed not within the maximum range; pause between the individual sections 20 to 40 seconds each

6 x 50 meters: alternately 50 meters crawl and 50 meters in an alternative swimming position. Try to increase the speed slowly; pause 30 seconds each.

100 meters: easy swimming in any position